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Welcome To Our LOCK Rewards Page! We're honored to have you all as DiMagna SeCured Token owners and to show Our Appreciation we've created this program to allow for you to obtain even more positive gains. 

how does it work ?

Lock Rewards are available and given to the first 20 wallets who send the required amount of SeCured Tokens to the wallet address stated above. The required amount of SeCured Tokens to send are unknown until the stated dates below and will be announced on our twitter page during that listed date. Once the required amount is announced, token holders can send their SeCured Tokens to the required wallet and winners will receive their reward once that reward phase is closed for entry or after end of day.

Reward Date: May 7th 2018    =  Required to Send 5 SeCured Tokens 

Reward Date: May 12th 2018    =  Required to Send 7 Secured Tokens 

Reward Date: May 17th 2018    =  Required to Send 9 Secured Tokens 

Reward Date: June 6th 2018    =  Required to Send 3 Secured Tokens

Reward Date: June 16th 2018    =  Required to Send 2 Secured Tokens

Reward Date: June 30th 2018    =  Required to Send 2 Secured Tokens

Reward Date: July 24th 2018    =  ?????????

Reward Date: July 31th 2018    =  ????????