To store your SeCured (LOCK) Tokens we recommend you use a WAVES wallet.

The Smartest Way to Protect Your Cryptocurrency

"Insurance For The Crypto-World"

How it works

Get SeCured

Getting coverage to protect your cryptocurrency via DiMagna begins when you purchase our SeCured (LOCK) Tokens.

File A Claim

When SeCured (LOCK) Token owners experience any losses concerning their cryptocurrency, to recover their losses they must file a loss claim.

Receive Funds 

After filing a loss claim, receive payout replacement funds in as little as three days.

Our Story

DiMagna was created to provide services to Nurture, Enhance, and Advance the Cryptocurrency World.

Our Vision

We created the SeCured (LOCK) Token to allow investors in the crypto-world to protect their investments and trade with the presence of less risk. 


Our token works as an economic institution that will allow crypto-owners the ability to transfer their crypto-financial risk from themselves to a pooled group of risks owned and maintained by us.

Mark T.  - NY

"SeCured Is A Must-Have Token"


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